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Hand holding a pen over a blank notebook.

Poems & Paragraphs

A passion of mine has always been to write poetry and short stories. Maybe one day I'll write that elusive book! But for now, here's some of my work.

Image by Aris Rovas


Don't Wait

Don't wait. 


Do it now.


Or if you must wait...enjoy the way you travel, the moments that give you joy and the people and places along the the way.


Don't see your life as something to be endured to reach a destination.


Every day is your life.


Don't waste a single moment and don't regret the words of love or kindness that you never shared.


Be grateful for your health, be glad that you are breathing in...and out...


You just don't know what will happen tomorrow.


Remembrance Day

As we prepare to remember our fallen heroes and give thanks for their bravery and sacrifice, remember also the message we carry forward.


Lest we forget. This is a day of remembrance.


Do not allow genocide, torture and victimisation of nations to recur. We fought for freedom against zealots, biggots and facists to create a peaceful and safe world.


Don't let our poppy become an excuse to start your own war of hate. Even if some are offended, even if they object, turn your gaze peacefully away. Don't be angered and don't be drawn into your own crusade of hatred against one or many.


Stand proud. 


Don't turn the sacrifice of our families into a vehicle for war, whether on social media, on the street or on the battlefield.

Giant Poppies


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