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Bumps & Business Meetings

Since I announced I was pregnant, I have heard a lot of; "oh you're not going to... [insert basic everyday occurrence here]."

At first this really bothered me, it started to get under my skin. Am I going to keep going to Zumba / for a run / on overnight work trips / to business events, now I am pregnant? Then after a couple of weeks of wallowing and worrying, I decided, "you're damn right I am!".

So the adventures continue...this is what I found, and what you need, to be prepared!

The first thing to realise is that there are arseholes everywhere, literally one born every minute. The sooner you learn to be prepared for this, and realise that other people's actions don't define YOU, the happier you will be.

Make it Work for You.

The first trip I took was up to Cheshire to visit a large global pharmaceutical company. I gamely pinned on my TFL "Baby on Board" badge and headed to the train station. I have found that some people are more considerate of my personal space while wearing the badge. Offering up a seat is pretty common. But not this day. I got barged around through the journey, and pretty much knocked over by one girl on the platform at Kings Cross. When I arrived at Euston, one of a pair of belligerent lads had taken my booked seat. They refused to move - despite me being visibly pregnant, and were rude with it as well.

THIS is where you need to be ready for action. I marched myself down the platform to the train manager. Explained the situation and ask politely if any First Class upgrades were available. To which she replied, "just take an unreserved seat in First Class". I didn't pay for it, it didn't cost the train company anything extra. Plus, I got the satisfaction of knowing those two shitheads were wedged in a hot and packed regular carriage while I enjoyed a nice drink in a proper glass.

Bump Prep': Can I Still Do Business in High Heels!

Yes of course you bloomin' can. Assuming you can still keep your balance and it isn't physically painful / dangerous! I love a high heel at work, it's part of my "costume". Plus I'm 5'3", so it gets me a little closer to being eye-to-eye with my (mainly) male tech' customers and colleagues. The key point here is, don't feel like you can't still smash it at work now you're pregnant. It also doesn't mean you can't dress up, and it doesn't mean you have to hide yourself under baggy clothes if that isn't your normal way! Do your thing, however you do it, and make the adjustments you need.

Top Tips for Business Meetings and Travel While Pregnant.

#1 Carry some flats in your bag! They take virtually no room, weigh very little, and save you from blisters and aching feet in between buildings and train platforms.

I personally love the Shirley Pumps from Lovely Ballerinas because they are comfortable, high-quality, and available in many glorious styles.

Pink rechargeable hand held fan with lap top and keyboard in the background.
Rechargeable Fan

#2 Get a rechargeable electric fan. I use THIS, a bargain at £12.99, available in a range of colours. It also has 3 speed settings, and will stand up as a desk or bedside table fan if you find yourself in a hot room.

#3 Plan ahead for where and when you are able to eat, and carry snacks and water. If I am staying overnight I always make sure I travel to get to the hotel in time for dinner, and call ahead to check the food service times and options. Also make sure that any business meetings you are booked to attend are aware you are pregnant, and have catered for you.

#4 Don't let your diary control you. I've had people try to back-to-back my entire day, make sure you have time for a break and something to eat. I'd say this to anyone I was coaching about time management, but it's even more important now.

#5 Wear layers, use a rollable bag or case if you need it. I use my back-pack if I'm just out for the day, but I am 100% using my cabin case for overnight trips now. The combination of exertion and too many clothes is not a good - or safe - look. I always make sure I can get down to sleeveless if needed, in a colour that doesn't show sweat.

#6 Invest in a bump support, seriously. It adapts as you get bigger for extra support. I use mine for running and Zumba as well! Get yours here.

That's it for today's post, got any more tips of suggestions? I would love to hear them in the comments section!


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