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My Story

Welcome to my blog. My name is Tara Huddless and I have deliberately crafted, what some would call, a complex life. My corporate career spans almost 20 years. I am an award-winning, multi-£m seller in technology and pharmaceuticals, and I run my own eco-friendly lifestyle business. I am also a dance and fitness instructor, coach and mentor. I am passionate about equity for women.


Did I forget to mention...I am 44 years old and expecting my first child this November.

After being asked if I was "doing a blog" a few times, I decided to throw caution to the wind and share my experiences across work, fitness, pregnancy, other people's judgements and expectations, and the things that make me happy, sad, or angry. Don't expect too much of a theme here, I am angry about a lot of things...haha. I have incorporated my fitness classes, class cover and workshops, because I am still working out, and able to teach, AND, I won't be pregnant forever!

Mixed bag of topics, hopefully something for everyone.

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